Golf Tracker 5.1

Source:Duck Software

Golf Tracker is a free software program that helps keep track of your golf rounds as well as tons of statistics to see how your game is progressing. With Golf Tracker software you can enter each round of golf. For each round you can enter in strokes, drive length, putts, green, bunker, water ball, lost ball, and more. Then the program will keep a compiled average for you including handicap; average drive length; average score on various holes like par 3s, par 4s and par 5s; birdies; pars; bogies; and even how much you are spending on greens fees. You can see some fun overall golfing stats like your best round and some not so fun (worst round). A list of your golf rounds is on the main screen and is easy to browse through. As you select a round you can see all your stats from that round as well as any pictures of the round or the golf course you have entered. The list can be sorted different ways and also you can select one of the tabs above the list to see just scores from a particular golf course. Other features included with the software include printing of reports; printing of a blank golf course score card; help files; a Totals screen to see even more statistics; and a golf course section where you enter in the details of each course you play like par and length for each hole. The software is free to download and use. Golf Tracker should help you understand where you can focus your practicing to lower your score and have more fun playing golf.

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